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Shishkebab Turkish Restaurant
648 N Belair Road Augusta GA, 30809
(706) 306-8875

If taking an adventure through the Turkish Countryside to find a small, family owned restaurant that serves wonderful, authentic food sounds like a great way to spend the summer, have no fear. You can experience all the culinary wonder of this ancient and foreign land right here at the Shishkebab Restaurant in Evans. The glorious cuisine that is Turkish food is an intriguing concoction of humble vegetables paired with interesting sauces and succulent meats. Only here could the obsequious eggplant be grilled and transformed into the amazing Babaganoush.

While considering the menu, you realize the dishes are as interesting to pronounce, as they are to enjoy. Traditional favorites like Hummus and Lahana Dolma (cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, fresh dill and traditional seasonings) roll off the tongue and leave a smile on your lips. And who knew that Lahmacun is actually a Turkish styled rolled pizza with ground lamb and fresh garden vegetables?

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